My Numeracy:

What is My Numeracy?

My Numeracy works in conjunction with the Essential Assessment Online Assessment program.

My Numeracy is dependent on a student’s pre-assessment results. Once a pre-assessment has been completed, the Essential Assessment program automatically creates a differentiated and personalised online curriculum for each student, based on the content descriptors misunderstood throughout an assessment.

How is My Numeracy structured?

Each content descriptor has twenty (20) questions attached to it. Making up the 20 questions are five questions per proficiency- understanding, problem solving, fluency and reasoning –  to ensure students have an wholesome understanding of what the content descriptor demands. My Numeracy, therefore, supports any unit of teaching, while also preparing students for their post-assessments.

How do I turn My Numeracy on?

You are able to enable My Numeracy for your students by switching the My Numeracy feature, located on the top, right-hand side of your student view page, to on. 

To enable immediate feedback to your students when they are completing My Numeracy activities, switch the My Numeracy Real-Time Feedback feature, located on the top, right-hand side of your student view page, to on. 
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Why is My Numeracy not working?

If you have subscribed for the My Numeracy component of Essential Assessment, but find that students do not have access to it, it might be due to:

Students have not completed any pre-assessments. My Numeracy is triggered by a student’s Pre-Assessment data.


If a pre-assessment has been completed but students do not have access to My Numeracy, it might be because you do not have the assessment area set. You can resolve this through the Manage Class Assessment function by switching the assessment area, i.e. Subtraction to set.


The My Numeracy function may be switched off. You can resolve this by switching the My Numeracy function to on.

Selecting My Numeracy activities for students:
Reviewing the My Numeracy activities assigned to students:
Resetting My Numeracy activities: