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Who We Are

  • A best practice Numeracy and Literacy whole school improvement model aligned to the Australian Curriculum Version 8.4 and 9.0, Victorian Curriculum F-10A, current NSW Syllabus and new K-10 Syllabus.
  • Make formative and summative assessment an easy process aligning to each school’s teaching and learning program through structured diagnostic assessment and differentiated curriculum.
  • Support data driven teaching and instructional leadership by providing curriculum aligned data to plan and monitor growth.
  • We differentiate to the needs of each student through providing ongoing personalised assessment and curriculum to grow their knowledge from current understandings.
  • A trusted assessment and curriculum partner to over 2800 satisfied schools around Australia!

What We Offer

What Others Are Saying About Us

Essential Assessment has revolutionised our teaching practice. Everything we do everyday is at a point of need as a result the Essential Assessment model. Being the Numeracy leader, I have shown my colleagues how to use Essential Assessment to guide their practice. The Casey Central Numeracy Network also saw the amazing potential in Essential Assessment when I presented it to our network.

Jordan Warren - Numeracy Leader, Victoria.

We have been utilising Essential Assessment to assist us to differentiate our classroom learning for two years. The detailed information that the program provides us on each of our students individual progress and development is invaluable. Being directly linked to the new Australian Curriculum, Essential Assessment is tailored specifically towards the content we are covering on a daily basis and the online component of the program allows our students to gain immediate feedback on their understanding and growth. Essential Assessment is a fantastic addition to our classrooms!

Katherine Edwards, Head Teacher Mathematics - Gymea Technology High School

We have used Essential Assessment for the past two years and have found the assessment and curriculum model a breeze to implement and deliver. Classroom differentiation is no longer an issue, thank you, Essential Assessment!

Jordan Ancrum - Assistant Principal, Maiden Gully Primary School.

We have found the Essential Assessment for Numeracy to be very useful in supporting the planning of our F-7 maths curriculum. The use of Victorian Curriculum aligned Formative and Summative Assessments have allowed our teachers to assess and monitor student progress and help plan for differentiated learning needs. The organisation and structure of the website is easy to use and our teachers quickly became familiar with how to navigate the site.

Lisia Halton, Leading Teacher – Maths, Roxburgh Rise Primary School.

The Essential Assessment model has provided many Numeracy and Literacy benefits to my 5/6 class. The model is easy to administer and provided me with accurate and consistent assessment and the best part, it provided me with differentiated curriculum for each student!

Edward Dickins, Classroom Teacher - Victoria

Essential Assessment is a great resource used by our staff and students. Teacher love knowing the level and seeing the growth of their students without the hassle of any excess data entry and manipulation.

Anesti Anestis, Teaching and Learning Associate Principal - St Helena Secondary College

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About Essential Assessment

Essential Assessment was established out of the increased need for consistency in reporting practices and consistent curriculum development in Australian schools.

An affordable yearly subscription to Essential Assessment enables access to our online Numeracy and Literacy assessment platform, My Numeracy (online maths activities), My Literacy (online English activities), Sunset Maths (mental maths application), My Spelling (online spelling application) and access to our paper-based learning plans and curriculum resources from F-10A.

Our online assessment platform allows teachers to pre-assess students within each strand or sub-strand of the Australian Curriculum, Victorian Curriculum or NSW Syllabus. Student results are automatically compiled, advising the teacher of each student’s current achievement level and analysis of the achievement standards that has been understood and misunderstood for each student, group and class.

We differentiate the curriculum within each sub-strand based on each assessment result and create a tailored paper-based and online curriculum (My Numeracy and My Literacy) for each student, group or class. My Numeracy and My Literacy are a differentiated and personalised formative assessment model with an interactive teaching and learning function that enables students to progress through each content description and their four proficiency strands of the curriculum.

Post-assessment identifies each student’s new Australian Curriculum achievement level, Victorian Curriculum achievement level or NSW Common Grade, demonstrating the growth achieved by each student. Continued analysis of class and cohort data within each strand and sub-strand is provided along with guidance on the developed and potential Numeracy and Literacy progressions within each sub-element.

Each assessment, curriculum activity and curriculum resource has been carefully aligned to the Australian Curriculum, Victorian Curriculum and the NSW Syllabus with emphasis on student growth through achievement.