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Differentiated, personalised, online assessment and curriculum

We make summative and formative assessment an easy process for Australian schools.
Diagnostic assessments support a differentiated curriculum for each student or groups of students.
Quickly access hundreds of paper-based and online numeracy and literacy assessment resources.
We are the preferred assessment and curriculum partner to more than 2800 Australian schools. Get started with your Essential Assessment journey!

What schools are saying about us

We have used Essential Assessment for the past six years and have found the assessment and curriculum model a breeze to implement and deliver. Classroom differentiation is no longer an issue, thank you Essential Assessment!

Jordan Ancrum - Assistant Principal, Maiden Gully Primary School

Essential Assessment is a fantastic formative and summative assessment tool for our teachers. The time that teachers would normally have spent creating and marking tests has been significantly reduced and redirected to more targeted teaching. Also, the immediate and specific feedback given to students motivates and focuses them on improving their understandings and effort in their general work habits.

Jacinta Morris - Deputy Principal, Spring Mountain State School

We’ve found the whole platform invaluable, informative and meaningful. Essential Assessment has changed the way assessment data is collected across our school and its easy to navigate platform saves precious time when setting assessments and analysing data. The links to the NSW syllabus and progressions allow for in-depth, accurate tracking of students’ learning and development.

Damien Borrow - Principal, Dora Creek Primary School

Access to our platform includes:

Numeracy and Literacy strand + substrand online summative assessment

My Numeracy and My Literacy online formative assessment and matching Individualised Numeracy and Literacy Learning Plans

Strand & sub-strand hard copy summative assessments and matching reporting documentation

Sunset Maths personalised mental maths skills developer

My Spelling personalised spelling application

Jetpack Algebra - personalised understanding of algebraic concepts

Numeracy and Literacy Resource Generator

  • Victorian Curriculum
  • Australian Curriculum
  • NSW Syllabus


My Numeracy