My Numeracy ® TM

Differentiated, Personalised, Online Curriculum and Learning

Victorian Curriculum, Australian Curriculum, NSW Syllabus

My Numeracy ® is an online maths program that acts as a differentiated formative maths online model with an interactive teaching and learning function that enables the student to progress through each proficiency strand of each achievement standard of the maths curriculum online.

My Numeracy ® is an online maths resource has been written and aligned specifically for the misconceptions within each proficiency strand of each achievement standard.

My Numeracy ® works in conjunction with our online assessment program which automatically differentiates the curriculum within each strand and sub-strand based on the achievement standard results of each student.

The online maths curriculum can either be personalised for each student or created for each group or class, depending on the requirements of the teacher.

Easy Assessment
Smart Curriculum
Consistent Reporting

“Finally an assessment and curriculum model that differentiates for you!”