Online Numeracy Assessment

Pre-assess each student with our Online Maths Test within each sub-strand of the maths curriculum.

Each student result is then automatically compiled using our Online Maths Test and recorded advising the teacher of the student’s current Victorian Curriculum level or Australian Curriculum level.

Our Online Maths Test also supplies the teacher with the required numeracy curriculum (Individual Numeracy Learning Plan) to use for each student and creates a link to this maths curriculum from our Online Maths Test results documentation.

Our Individualised Numeracy Learning Plan is part of our formative assessment subscription and not only matches the numeracy curriculum needs of each student which is advise from our Online Maths Test, but acts as a formative assessment document with matching reporting documentation to record student progress.

Post-assessment is then completed using our Online Maths Test within each sub-strand. Our Online Maths Test then compiles the data and prepares a result summary for the teacher identifying each students:

  • Pre-assessment level
  • Pre-assessment percentage
  • Recommended Individual Numeracy Learning Plan (INLP)
  • Post-assessment level
  • Post-assessment percentage
  • Curriculum achievement standards demonstrated

Ongoing student assessment results and completed curriculum documentation for each sub-strand is recorded in the results summary page of our Online Maths Test, building an entire and consistent numeracy profile for every student within your school.