Victorian Curriculum

Our Victorian Curriculum assessment subscription is a complete whole school summative and formative model that allows schools to deliver a consistent whole school approach to numeracy teaching, learning and assessment. Our Victorian Curriculum summative, formative and My Numeracy assessment bundle gives you full access to:

  • Full access to our Victorian Curriculum Online Numeracy Assessment Program - F-10A
  • Full access to our Victorian Curriculum sub-strand Online Numeracy Assessment Program - F-10A
  • Full access to My Numeracy and matching Individualised Numeracy Learning Plans that upon completion of each pre-assessment, you are provided with the relevant differentiated online and paper-based curriculum for each student all aligned specifically to the achievement standards misunderstood within each range
  • Victorian Curriculum strand & sub-strand hard copy assessments and matching reporting documentation - F-10A
  • Full access to our Victorian Curriculum Resource Generator

The content for each Victorian Curriculum summative assessment is aligned specifically to the Victorian Curriculum achievement standards between each range with each Victorian Curriculum summative pre-assessment delivering the classroom teacher a detailed summary of each student’s knowledge compared with the Victorian Curriculum achievement standards.

In addition each Victorian Curriculum assessment provides the teacher with a consistent level for each student to enable consistent whole school reporting and improvement.

Our Victorian Curriculum assessment bundle subscription gives your school a truly differentiated and personalised assessment and curriculum model for your school.

You will love the ease of implementing our assessment and curriculum model into your current classroom practice as it provides you with instant and valuable feedback to help each student achieve from their current understanding!